"I had a great experience ordering a shirt from Park Couture. Usually, I wear Boss, Lauren (black label) or other shirts in this range. Park Couture was a better option, since the fabrics were very high quality Italian cotton, and obviously a fitted shirt is going to be a better option with more comfort and a professional look.

Susie took a lot of time to go over the various options, show pictures of other clients' shirts, and review the options prior to sending out to the tailor. I was very happy with the results and finished product. Price-wise, it's similar to shirts I would buy in the past, but now with a personalized and fitted feel, definitely an improvement! The entire buying process was easy, with excellent customer service."

Sophie S.

"I find that sometimes my choices for business casual dress shirts are somewhat limited when I want something that's high quality, stylish and that will suit my personality. I usually purchase Theory, Helmut Lang, or Ann Taylor but even Ann Taylor's shirts feel a bit older for me.

When I first found out about Park Couture, I was thrilled at the idea of getting a shirt that fit my body type perfectly. The prices were reasonable so I went ahead and ordered a shirt in checkered lavender with purple accents. The shirt was perfectly tailored to my body, and it went very well with my suit. The experience of getting the measurements done, waiting for the shirts to be made are all relatively smooth and fast. I was beyond ecstatic with the result and know that I will be ordering more from Susie.

She is not only professional, meticulous but also listens to her clients and is also very stylish herself. She has an eye for fashion and will also give you recommendations on the 500+ fabrics that are readily available to make your custom shirt. I am looking forward to ordering more shirts from her in different styles!!"

Phillip W.

"I love the shirts; I tried each one on in front of a mirror when I got home and was very satisfied with my purchase. From the fabric, to the detailing, to the quality, each shirt is in a league of its own. I know I will feel confident wearing them at work and on the town, and that's worth every penny."

Zachary E.

"If you're looking for a custom-tailored shirt, I strongly recommend working with Susie Park, founder/designer of Park Couture. I use the term 'work' because the experience is truly collaborative. Susie takes all your measurements and adheres to your style preferences sure, but it's her exhaustive color and pattern options and the wealth of fashion experience she has that ensures you'll walk away with a great looking shirt. The Men's Warehouse guy got fired, now it's Susie Park who's going to guarantee you like the way you look."

Steve C.

"My long search for the ideal shirt that is customized for my tastes and my flavors has joyfully ended when I found Park Couture"



Graham G.

"I can't recommend Park Couture highly enough! Susie has a great taste in fashion and provided me with some invaluable advice during the customization process for my shirts. I loved the fact that I could pick and choose almost every aspect of my shirts, and the finished product looks and feels great. I regularly get compliments on my Park Couture custom shirts and look forward to ordering more in the future."

Alex W.

"I appreciated Susie's consultative approach to helping me pick out the right style, fit, and color of shirt based on my personal taste and physique. For a travelling business person who doesn't like to spend time in department stores, Park Couture's mobile fitting and delivery service was also really convenient."



Ananda N.

“We highly recommend Susie Park of Park Couture for custom tailored shirts. The wide range of designs, fabrics and her overall expertise is unmatched, and frankly worth twice the price. Not only are we ordering more custom shirts for our own employees, but also as gifts for our clients. No more will I have to spend hours searching for the perfect fit in crowded department stores or overpriced boutiques, now first rate service is just a call away. Thank you Susie!”

David H.

"It was my first time buying a custom shirt, and Susie made it a very pleasant experience. I needed the shirt for an occasion coming up in a very short two weeks, and she was able to make it happen! 

We didn't cut any corners to get it done though - I was still able to select from a wide variety of colors and patterns, multiple options on buttons, cuffs, collars, pockets and everything else! The shirt looks and fits great - I'm glad I went with some of her suggestions when I wasn't sure what I needed...And if you get a Park Couture shirt, it'll be impossible for someone else to have the same item that you do! I'll definitely be a repeat customer."



Francesco R.

"I started wearing custom-made shirts ten years ago and never turned back: I value the quality of the materials being used and the fine work of precision and passion the tailor instills into my shirts. The attention Park Couture gives to my desires and needs is unparalleled and Susie does it with a gracious ability to build perfection. I trust their recommendation, because I know it will be the right one. And judging from the compliments and positive comments I receive when I wear Park Couture, I could not make a better choice."


Patrick L.

"Thank you Susie! My shirts are beautiful and they fit perfectly. I will be ordering more soon! Thank you again!"


Samir R.

"I love my new Park Couture shirt! With the perfect fit, finish, and style, I get compliments unlike any other shirt I've ever worn before. They were extremely helpful in helping me pick out the fabric and customize the shirt to reflect my taste and personality. Can't wait to get my next shirt from them."


Steve M.

“Susie was excellent is listening to my sizing/pattern preferences and suggesting great options for me to consider. Once we selected the shirt and took the measurements, she delivered the shirt on time and also with the perfect fit. I have been to many department stores that took multiple iterations to get it right. With Susie, she delivered results right away. Highly recommend her.”


Todd S.

"Susie, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing level of service and quality product that you provided during my first custom shirt order with you. As someone who has spent a lot of money buying the best business attire available, I can honestly say that your shirts are the absolute best quality I've ever had. Additionally your price point is better than any custom work I've had done. I cannot thank you enough for working with me and I will make every effort possible to refer you out to my friends and associates."



"All these years I settled for 'off the rack' shirts. Thank you, Park Couture, for showing me the power and detail of a custom fitted shirt. I used to wear shirts I could not wait to take off. With Park Couture, I was able to choose cut, fabric, pattern, and even customize subtle aspects. I can't wait to put them on.

Park Couture shirts are elegance at its most sublime. Picked by me and tailored to my specs, these shirts allow me to stand out without shouting out."


Wilson J.

"You have never owned a proper shirt until you have 20+ measurements taken and a shirt fitted and sewn to your precise dimensions. I am so happy with my Park Couture shirt. Every time I wear it, someone says 'Nice shirt'...it's crazy...I love the subtle accent fabrics on the insides of the collar and sleeves.

Let Susie introduce you a new level of custom-craftsmanship as you get creative and overwhelmed by the possibilities!"


Tom C.

"I've never gotten so many compliments on my clothes as when I first wore the shirt that I ordered from Park Couture. I don't know much about fashion, but Susie made the customization process fun and easy and I ended up with a shirt that I love."


Ross W.

“Susie was fantastic from start to finish, great selections of fabric and patterns as well as providing some great advice. The little extras like the monogrammed cuffs as well as the differing styles between the shirt and the cuffs always brings great comments from people. She also went out of her way to do the original fitting and measuring at my work place which was awesome. This is my first custom made shirt and certainly won’t be my last. Great job Susie, the shirt is badass!!”


Jacob J.

"The shirt Susie created for me was more than I could ever ask for.  It not only fit perfectly, it made me a better looking man! I dont need to go to the mall to shop for a dress shirt anymore.  Thanks Susie!"


Marios A.

"Susie was extremely helpful and stayed with me for an hour picking out the right fabrics and designs" or "Shirts arrived within three weeks and were perfectly fitted" or "Susie was very responsive and professional from the get-go. After the shirts arrived, she made sure I was completely satisfied with the way they looked and fit."


Brian M.

"It's a great to feeling to have something made just for you!  Susie's shirts fit great, look amazing, and she is awesome to work with.  I have a few shirts now in my collection, and I am very happy with all of them.  Susie is extremely professional and creative, and I'm excited to see my next shirts."

Kate C.


"Talk about a shirt made for a women!  What I mean by that statement is Susie designed a perfect work blouse for a normal sized woman.  I have to fly into New York every month for business meetings and shopping for a good blouse or shirt for my suits is stressful to say the least.  When you are a curvy girl button up shirts rarely look good.  They always either pucker at the waist or are not long enough to really tuck in your suit skirt.  

With Park Couture she makes sure your shirt will be perfect or she will have it fixed for you.  At first I was a little nervous to have a shirt custom made.  Once i out on my new blue pin-stripped shirt I was like Cinderella to her glass slipper, I had finally found my perfect fit.  The quality was perfection, the style was chic and the fabric against my skin was luxurious.  I can't wait to get started on my next order and the shirt was a perfect head turner in the city as well, I think next time I am going to go red!"



Neil L.

"I ordered two custom shirts from Susie and absolutely love them!  Susie was very easy to work with and helpful in choosing the fabric and style details - the shirts fit perfectly and were very reasonably priced.  Can't wait to order more!"



Igor G.

"I am always looking for a unique style in clothing with a love for a European flare.  Susie captures this without a doubt, with amazing quantity of colors , quality and styles offered! Thank you Susie!"


Greg P.

“Susie is very easy and accomodating to work with.  She provides unique ideas and looks that fit in both the work and nightlife setting.  Great fit, got exactly what I was looking for.”


Laurent P.

"I recommend Susie and her creations. Design, attention to detail and quality are top notch, and I am very happy with the shirts I got from her. Customer service is outstanding too, and I am sure that park Couture will establish itself as a trusted brand."


Adam B.

"Off-the-rack dress shirts don't fit me well so I must rely on made-to-measure to fulfill my fashion needs. I've patronized many custom shirt retailers and Susie's shirts consistently provide the best fit. I look forward to wearing her shirts because I know I'll look and feel great that day."


Allen S.

"Susie has been a complete pleasure to work with! She was very skilled and encouraging in helping me develop my own style, in a very comfortable but professional atmosphere. She gave full attention to details, and any concerns regarding delivery, fitting, etc. All with a fantastic personal touch; and I'm sure I'll be back!"


Jay P.

"I was very excited when I was introduced to Park Coutre, I have done custom shirts before with international designers who only make it to SF once or twice a year." To have a team this talented and service oriented right here in SF is fantastic. The design and quality of the materials were all top notch, I am definitely sticking with this team and look forward to seeing their growth."


Doug L.

"I've traveled the world and have enjoyed the luxury of custom made clothing from all corners but to find a company to bring the style and quality that I like to my backyard in SF is priceless. If you want custom made Park Couture is the place to get it done!"


Alexander S.

"I have a lot of experience getting custom made shirts done abroad, but the quality and styling never seems to be right. However, the Park Couture brand nailed it! I'm really impressed with the fabric quality, attention to detail, and overall styling."



Brad D.

"I ordered my first shirt from Susie last Fall and loved it so much that I immediately ordered a few more. The quality and the custom fit are second to none."


Todd P.

"My Park Couture shirts feel great, they are built to last, and I love the overall look.  There are enough custom options to feel like my shirt represents me and my taste, but it only took a few minutes to make all the choices.  Susie did a fantastic job helping me achieve my goals as easily and as quickly as possible.  I'm proud to say that I buy my shirts from Park Couture."


Micah T.

"Love my custom shirt!  Never had the experience before, but I wanted a nice shirt for special occasions. My friend is a customer and highly recommended Susie. She was very professional and accommodating. I was very happy with the service and timeline to make the shirt. I also liked the follow up fitting and adjustment to make sure it really fit correctly. I will be purchasing more soon."


Joseph D.

"When I met with Susie for the initial consultation, I showed her pictures of shirts that I liked and pointed out several fabric samples that interested me. From this, Susie was able to recommend some great fabric combinations and detailing that would suit my personal style. I received the shirt within 4 weeks. The shirt fit perfectly and workmanship was excellent. I will definitely be ordering more shirts from Park Couture."


Raouf K.

"My first time getting custom shirts - I love them so much.  However, I love the experience of getting them so much more - Susie blends her expert knowledge in the garment industry with her eye for style to help me figure out what was possible, practical but most importantly what just worked and looked good on me.  It was a truly consultative approach which resonated with me so well, I was part of the process.  I have received so many complements about my shirts, and I fell like a million bucks when I put them on – the quality of material and workmanship is wonderful.  I would highly recommend Park Couture anytime."


Tyler H.

"I have the hardest time finding dress shirts that properly fit me (44x17.5x35).  Every shirt I've ever bought was either way too baggy, arms too long, and/or neck to small.  Park Couture shirts are 100% made for you and only you, not the masses.  The best part is the design process where you get to pick and choose every aspect of the final product.  I wanted a one-of-a-kind white shirt and was missing a specific color in my wardrobe.  What I got was the best looking and fitting shirts I've ever had.  The problem now, is those are the only 2 shirts I want to wear.  Can't wait to get some more!"


Martial Y.

"What can be better than to have control of your attire, and have the power to control your look and the details that a gentleman has to pay attention to? I've supported Susie since she started her company, and I admire what she designed for me and for those men who need her expertise and sense of creation. It is great to have someone who will take care of your fashion needs, and it's so much more enjoyable and efficient than going to regular stores! Bonne chance!"


Clyde C.

"From the color of the stitching to the buttons, everything is custom, exactly the way you like it. With so many options, it's easy to get overwhelmed but Susie really knows how to point you in the right direction. This was my first custom shirt and I am thoroughly impressed."


Douglas P.

"I have two Park Couture shirts. I love them so much that I am never going to buy another dress shirt off the rack. Not only are the shirts incredible, but Susie makes the experience work for your schedule and needs.  Highly recommended."


Sam P.

"These are the best fitting shirts I have ever owned. The material is top notch and every thinks they look great. Susie really made it easy."


Rosanna L.

"I receive compliments on my Park Couture shirt wherever I go.  Not only does it fit like a glove, it is incredibly comfortable, classy, and chic.  I highly recommend Susie and Park Couture to anyone who wants to look and feel fabulous!"


Kush R.

"When it comes to dressing well, there are few things better than putting on a stylish, well made shirt that fits perfectly.  Susie not only delivered on that, she patiently worked with me to design the perfect shirt...from the buttons to the collar to the cuffs and the stitching.  Susie is great to work with and I absolutely love my shirt." 


Kevin F.

"Working with Susie Parkin and Park Couture, was truly a wonderful experience from start to finish. Susie is very easy to work with on many levels: her pricing is fair, she is well prepared and well organized, as well as very communicative and punctual. the next time I am seeking a uniquely personalized garment at a fair price that is beautifully made, I will turn to Susie and Park Couture"


Kris P.

I've always wanted hip, tailored shirts like men have without ordering men's shirts and Susie came to the rescue.  She already had patterns perfect business and casual women's wear.  I was delighted with the vast selection of fabrics, threads, buttons and styles she had to offer. The best part is her attention to detail and creative flair.  She recommends fabric combinations that reflect your personal style and her great eye.

Romain C.

"I had a great experience ordering a shirt from Park Couture. Susie made it as a very pleasant and friendly interaction. I needed to get a custom shirt inspired by a precise design with oodles of bespoke details.  I was able to select from a wide variety of colors and patterns, multiple choices on buttons, cuffs, collars, pockets and everything else…even my own initials on it! The shirt looks good with the asked options and fits great."