Park Couture’s meticulous craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and unparalleled service evoke a bygone era of “Old World” tailoring, whilst the distinctive cuts, impeccable precision and level of personal customization seamlessly fit your modern image and budget.



Park Couture is passionate about making beautiful, classic, customized shirts a fun, easy and personalized experience. Our mission is to channel that passion into creating exclusively designed garments that reflect your unique look and lifestyle.



Style, Service, Simplicity:
These are the qualities that Susie Park, the creative soul behind Park Couture, values the most.

Founded in 2010, Park Couture is the culmination of Susie’s passion for custom design and personalized service. As a successful Advertising executive, Media consultant and TV researcher / producer, Susie understood just how important it was to look great, but still stand out in a competitive, clothing-conscious industry. She also knew how difficult it was to find quality custom clothing at affordable prices. 

Susie’s skill, patience and expertise in helping her friends find and coordinate the perfect outfit made her the ‘go-to- girl’ for any clothing crisis. Realizing her true calling was in fashion, Susie’s decision to start Park Couture arose after she heard many complaints from friends, colleagues and clients that they could not find custom men’s and women’s shirts. Determined to take the ‘sticker shock’ out of custom tailoring, Susie left her lucrative career in the media industry, to dedicate herself to making the world a more fashionable place, one individual shirt at a time.